LeBron and Howard Can’t Get over the Hump: What’s Missing from Today’s Stars?

May 20th, 2010 by Jon Lee Leave a reply »
In the waning minutes of Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals, with The Magic down 1-0 in the series and down a point in the game, Dwight Howard apparently decided it was a good time to mess around with the crowd. He began by pointing and bouncing around with the crowd, before dancing like a guy who's had one too many at the club.

It got so bad that Rashard Lewis (who's been a no-show for the two games thus far and has never been known as a pressure player) had to come over and pull Dwight away and back into the game.

My buddy Cam sent me the following texts:

"Did I See It? I'd NEVER seen anything like that!"

"My jaw dropped. I re-winded & watched that 6 times."

As Bill Simmons has pointed out, this year more than ever we have seen the teams that dance around, have great "Chemistry," and seem to really like each other, cannot compete with teams like the Lakers and Celtics, who know how to win and are above anything else:

PROFESSIONAL basketball players.

Which got me thinking about this new generation of NBA players. In our rush to anoint the next great superstar (LeBron) or the next great ...

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