Kobe Shoots 6/24 and Lakers Still Win

June 18th, 2010 by Isaiah Montoya Leave a reply »
Kobe has now won 5 rings and yet he falls immensely short of being compared to Jordan, or even Magic for that matter.

With an abysmal 6/24 shooting night (25 percent) and 0/6 from three point range with only 2 assists, we saw Kobe try to leave his imprint on a title win, but it was to no avail. The hustle and intelligence of Gasol and Fisher saved Kobe from being exposed for what he is: The most overrated player of all-time.

Just one of many overlooked bad nights for Kobe in the Finals where over his career he has barely hit 40 percent. 

He definitely tried to take over at certain points in game 7 but it just didn't work. Thanks to a truly amazing effort by the other Lakers, Kobe has another ring. Boston totally sucked on defense and decision making in one of the worst played finals in NBA history.

Game 7 proved that the NBA has regressed to a level of crappy play, with guys who are considered great shoot 25 percent and still win a title. Man, what happened to the league? Please make players go to college NBA.

Missing all six threes he took and also missing four free throws takes Kobe f ...

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