Kobe-Mike Debate Has Become Tiresome, Overused and Irrelevant

May 15th, 2012 by Ryan Ori Asher Leave a reply »
Recently, I was reading a Laker article on this very site when I saw a giant debate in the comments section about whether or not Kobe would ever be as good as MJ. There, I saw a horde of Kobe haters going on and on about how Kobe's nothing compared to Michael Jordan.

The funny thing is, Michael Jordan wasn't mentioned once in the article.

I wrote an article some time ago, debunking the overused misconception of Kobe Bryant being just a role-player on the early 2000s championship Laker teams. Today, I'd like to address another, perhaps even more intolerable, argument that Kobe's detractors hurl whenever they feel the need to quench their appetite of hatred.

That argument always includes some variation of, "He's no Michael Jordan."

Essentially, those haters would dismiss all Kobe has accomplished, because he's not the greatest player of all time. Some of them might even get a little more creative, with "He copied Jordan's game." I've even heard "He even copies how Michael Jordan walks."

That's right. Kobe's gotten heat because he walks like Michael Jordan...Does anyone else find this as childish as I do?

But movin ...

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