Kobe Bryant: The Anti-LeBron James

July 11th, 2010 by John Kim Leave a reply »
I wrote an article in 2009 after the NBA season ended about LeBron James' ominous change in attitude. He started showing symptoms by not shaking hands with the Magic and choosing to ignore the post-game press conference.

I knew what was coming.

Almost everything I predicted came true with this ridiculous narcissitic volcano that blew up with ESPN providing the dynamites.

I'm sure many the Clevelanders and James fans across the globe are left to wonder.

What now? 

Everyone likes heroes.

For a star driven league such as the NBA, fans love to put a face on the front page of the league. After seven years with Nike, David Stern, and Dan Gilbert's foolish support, LeBron James has monumentally failed as a "King."

I'm here to "sigh" for the 900th time and regurgitate a point again how a basketball legend should behave. I'm sure many people will reluctantly look towards someone else they have despised this whole time.

In the end, Kobe Bryant is the closer. Not just in games, but in overall demeanor.


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