King Nothing: Why Leaving Cleveland Could Hurt LeBron James’ Image.

June 12th, 2010 by Ashwath Krishna Leave a reply »

“Where’s your crown, King Nothing?” —Metallica

One could make an argument that Cleveland’s second round exit at the hands of the Celtics in this year’s playoffs, and particularly the nature in which they exited, hurt the Man who Would Be King's image.

I say “could” cause it’s not much of an argument if practically everyone agrees with you.

It’s almost a given that LeBron James has never had to face a similar situation in his career up to this point. Until this year, there were always excuses made for his inability to translate his team's regular season success into titles. Not this year. This one is on LeBron.

If LeBron were just another really good basketball player forced in a situation like the one he has in Cleveland —come on, no team with Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams as your No. 2 and No. 3 options is going to win a title —it would make sense to use this year’s free agency to get the hell out of town as fast as possible.

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