Joakim Noah and His Ark: How He Stayed Afloat and Survived a Flood of Criticism

November 28th, 2010 by Kelly Scaletta Leave a reply »
Joakim Noah looks odd. His crazy mop on the tall, lanky frame is reminiscent of a troll pencil. On draft night he struck a pose that drew to mind images of Krusty the Clown.

His personality is equally odd. Off-court he's nonchalant, flippant and candid. On-court he's a completely different personality. If you look up the word "intensity" in the dictionary, it says, "I want to be like Joakim." The candid things he says off the court and the way he thumps his chest and screams on it make him one of those guys you hate—unless he's on your team.

If you look at his numbers, especially prior to this year, you would think he's nothing special. It certainly had people wondering why the Denver Nuggets were willing to exchange Carmelo Anthony for him this past summer. It had people even more perplexed when Chicago not only turned Denver down, they went ahead and signed Noah to an extension as if to say, "Hands off!" 

If you follow the Chicago Bulls though, you know why. Not everything is measured in stats. Noah is often described as the heart of the Bulls, the soul of the Bulls. Believe it or not, those descriptions don't begin to quantify Noah' ...

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