Iverson Has the “It” To Turn Philly Around

December 3rd, 2009 by Euno Lee Leave a reply »
Before I start making a case, forgive me for gloating just a moment.

Did I not call it? Seriously. Read the date and read the last sentence.

Allen Iverson has probably gone through the most trying week of his NBA career. I am, by no stretch, an apologist for Allen Iverson. I am merely someone who has read more about him, watched more of his game footage and his interviews in the past few days than anyone should ever do their entire life. And I feel for him.

Iverson is a soldier, first and foremost. He has a competitive drive on the court comparable to that of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, but he has more than just a will to win—he has a passion for the game, unlike anything the game has seen before. 

It is this passion that lead Eddie Jordan to compare Iverson to Brett Favre, saying they have similar situations, and saying that it is entirely possible that Iverson have an "MVP year."

He is as honest a man as they come, and perhaps his outspokenness has turned off the sports media. They call him, the man with a higher APG average than Kobe or LeBron in his last complete season, a ball-hog. 

He said he doe ...

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