Isiah Thomas’ ‘Secret’ Turns Out To Be Cheating

November 10th, 2010 by Jess Matthew Beltran Leave a reply »
Bill Simmon’s asked Isiah Thomas on his book entitled The Book of Basketball what is the “Secret”? And Thomas answered, "The secret about basketball is that it’s not about basketball…"

The thought itself is already complex and you have to read it over again just to make sense. That is just typical Isaiah; you just have to look deeper just to understand him.

It was mind boggling how those fat contracts ended up on Jerome James, Eddy Curry and problematic players such as Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis’ hands when Thomas was still the Knicks president. The team at one time came up as the highest payroll in the NBA and was the league’s second worst record.

It must have been something special that James Nolan the Knicks owner saw in Thomas that he still hired him as the team consultant after all the hiatus that happened in 2003-08. Maybe it was Thomas’s blind passes and kamikaze drives that still left Nolan mesmerized until now, or maybe Nolan look deeper in Isiah’s soul and saw someone who really needs help. But help was always readily available for Isiah and somewhere down the l ...

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