Is Loyalty a Virtue or a Curse? Why LeBron James Is Trapped in Cleveland

May 15th, 2010 by Tyler Conway Leave a reply »
We have all spent the last two days hearing (ad nauseam) about LeBron James and his decision to stay in Cleveland or leave for "greener" pastures. 

Every talking head and ESPN analyst, with the exception of Skip Bayless, seemingly agrees that LeBron's decision completely alters the NBA axis for the next decade.  Well, like Bayless, I disagree.

I disagree not because I hate everything and anything that anyone else enjoys like Bayless, but because of one simple reason:  LeBron James is staying in Cleveland.

Why do I say that with such certainty?  Well, I could sit here and give you the same plethora of reasons everyone else will or give you the same hare-brained theory I gave you during my mid-season summer of 2010 evaluation ...or I could simply give you the obvious reason:  LeBron is trapped in Cleveland for the foreseeable future.

I know what you're thinking:  How in the hell, in a summer where 29 other teams will vie for his affections, is LeBron James trapped in Cleveland?

The answer is simple: loyalty.

We have all been taught by our parents about loyalty ...

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