Houston Rockets: Plotting the Ideal Course of Yao Ming’s 24 Minutes

November 1st, 2010 by Patrick Harrel Leave a reply »
The 24-minute man.

Half man, half machine, half a game.

Jack Bauer.

The stream of nicknames Yao Ming has been getting since the Rockets announced that he would be limited to 24 minutes per game has been endless. The jokes have gotten to the point that many are not even taking Yao seriously anymore—that is, they consider his almost laughable injury history to have rendered him more of a punchline than a player. 

However, while the minute limit is undoubtedly an obstacle for success, if the Rockets use Yao correctly, he can have an incredible effect on the game. Simply put, there are no other highly-skilled, 7'6" big men in the entire NBA. 

For those who are unaware, here are the ground rules.

Yao will play no more than 24 minutes in each game. If he plays less than the prescribed 24 minutes, he cannot "carry over" minutes to the next game (i.e. if he plays 16 minutes one night, he can't play 32 the next). 

Yao cannot play significantly more than six minutes in a row. 

Yao will be limited to playing one game out of a back-to-back.

Everybody seems to be in agree ...

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