Hollywood Ending? Los Angeles Lakers Are Mirror Image Of L.A. Arrogance

March 8th, 2010 by Christopher Kamrani Leave a reply »
The Los Angeles Lakers have now lost three games in a row for the first time in three seasons; the first time since they acquired Pau Gasol.

It was in late January of 2008 that the Lakers last dropped three straight. At San Antonio. At Dallas. Home against Cleveland.

That was also the year L.A. was gift-wrapped an All-Star for Kwame Brown and that dude that went all Doc Holliday with Gilbert Arenas.

So, bring out the proverbial panic button. Wait, forget that. It's the Lakers.

After all, La-la land was over it a few hours later. The Oscars were on.

Ryan Seacrest was front-and-center and the skid was kaput in the minds of Los Angelinos. Oscar Sunday trumps a Lakers losing streak. Duh.

After all, it's Kobe. It's Phil. It's Tinsel Town. They probably don't even own a panic button. 

Big whoop. L.A. was 46-15, and after three games on the east coast, the record now stands at 46-18. 

Who cares? After all, it is Southern California.

It's Hawaii-lite. 

Sunshine 362 days a year, some gusty winds and a couple downpours in the other few and far between days an ...

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