Greg Oden Officially Secures ‘Bust’ Title

November 17th, 2010 by Alex Tichenor Leave a reply »
Really? I mean, really? REALLY?!?!?!?!

That's what every Portland Trail Blazer fan was thinking as they saw the stomach-turning, face-draining words move across the ESPN ticker:

"Greg Oden out for the 2010-11 season."

This can't really be happening, can it?

Are we that unlucky?

Is Greg that unlucky?

For now, at least, the answer appears to be yes—the Blazers are just that unlucky.

(Apparently God isn't a huge Blazer fan.)

First Bowie over Jordan. 

Now Durant over Oden. 

That's just how it's going to be. 

I've been as big of an "Oden is not a bust" guy as anybody, but that was then and this is now.

Sorry everyone, Greg Oden is a bust. 

He will miss his second entire season after missing his entire "rookie" season and he missed over 60 games last season.

For awhile I held out hope that Oden's injuries were just coincidences and not related—

That was fun. 

At this point, it's pretty clear that Oden will never be healthy. Guys just don't have season-ending surgery three out of ...

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