Game Five of ECF Continues Sorry Trend of Refs Showing Too Much Emotion

May 27th, 2010 by Charlie Scaturro Leave a reply »

You would think that a professional sports league that has recently been rocked by an officiating scandal would have its referees on their best behavior.  

But after the fallout from the Tim Donaghy fiasco, where it was revealed (among other things) that NBA referees did indeed have biases towards certain players and teams which affected the outcome of the games they officiated, it would seem that NBA referees are letting their emotions get the best of them while they are trying to do their jobs. 

I’m not gong to accuse the referees of fixing Game 5 for the Magic by calling a host of fouls on the Boston Celtics, but it was obvious that the referees in this game let their emotions get a hold of them and it negatively affected the way they called the game. 

As a professional referee in a major professional sport these guys have to be able to check their ego at the door and keep any emotion they may have out of the way they call the game. 

Any NBA game (much less the Eastern Conference finals) should be ca ...

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