Frustration with Westbrook Sent Durant Fleeing, Opens Door to Trouble for NBA

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A 27-year-old man, one of the best in the world at his profession, chose a new employer Monday. He framed the decision in terms that any ambitious young person would understand.

He spoke of his "evolution" and "potential for growth," a yearning to leave his "comfort zone."

If Kevin Durant were a neurosurgeon or a world-class chef, no one would flinch at the choice. If he were a brilliant software engineer, no one would blame him for signing with Google.

No one would question his heart or his manhood.

Sports are different, of course. Real-world rules rarely apply. Choices are judged differently, swiftly, harshly, with little room for nuance.

Durant made a bold and controversial decision Monday, leaving a perennial contender in Oklahoma City for an actual championship team in Oakland, California. For that, he will be pilloried in some quarters.

The idea of a recent MVP joining the reigning MVP on a team stocked with All-Stars will be judged as unseemly, even cowardly.

"If u can't beat um join um," 10-time All-Star Paul Pierce tweeted, adding a chin-scratching emoji for eff ...

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