Four Reasons Why Aaron Brooks Will Be an All-Star in the Next Two Years

February 16th, 2010 by Patrick Harrel Leave a reply »
For the first time in 25 years, the Rockets did not send a single player to the All-Star weekend in 2010. Looking at their roster, there is only one sure-fire candidate to make the All-Star team outside of Yao in the future. That man is Aaron Brooks. Brooks, a 25 year old guard out of Oregon, was drafted 26th out of Oregon, has severely outperformed expectations. Daryl Morey, the man who draft Brooks, describes him as "way better than we thought". Originally picked as the fifth guard on the Rockets, he has become the starting point guard and Rockets' leading scorer. He captured the nation's attention with his impressive play throughout the playoffs, leading the Rockets when they lost Yao. Brooks and Kyle Lowry have teamed up to form the most productive point guard position the Rockets have had in years, finally filling the spot after years of retreads and journeymen. He truly has been a godsend to the Rockets. But you ask why will Brooks, a six foot, 160 pound (soaking wet), become an All-Star? What separates him from other players who are nice players but not All-Stars? The answer is simple. He has consistently shown he can score, lead, and play on the biggest stage despite bein ...

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