Forget LeBron James, Why is No One Talking About Dwyane Wade?

May 30th, 2010 by Baruch Landa Leave a reply »
It was the summer I'll never forget. In 2003 a star was born. The NBA was still going through drastic changes and so a star was needed. Fortunately for the NBA, many stars entered that year's draft. However, it was only one that the media singled out to be the next biggest thing, the next prodigy child, the next MJ—LeBron James.

Dubbed "The Chosen One" or "The King," some could make the argument that LeBron James has lived up to the hype. There is almost always one particular moment in every game that he plays in that leaves you speechless with your hands folded on the back of your head, in disbelief.

The problem with the 21st century is that the media has evolved for the worse. Too much emphasis is tossed around too easily and they tend to over-exaggerate everything. LBJ received these nicknames even before coming into the league; before accomplishing anything. There are many highlights of him in high school—years before he entered the NBA Draft.

While they were spectacular athletic maneuvers, there was another young star who was completely forgotten about who also filled up the stat sheet, the highlight reel, and took a col ...

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