Fixing The Toronto Raptors

December 4th, 2009 by Stephen Brotherston Leave a reply »
The Raptors are coming into what should be an easier four game stretch against Washington, Chicago, Minnesota, and Milwaukee.  At least it had better be an easier stretch because if the Raptors can’t beat these teams, their playoff aspirations are purely fictitious.

And the Raptors have done everything in their power to lower the expectations of their fans recently, losing five games in a row to slide their record to 7-13, with losess to a 4-9 Bobcats team on the road and the 5-10 Wizards at home.

The Raptors players have begun to voice their concerns to the media and Bryan Colangelo has rushed out to meet his team on the road.  Everyone is looking for answers to the Raptors’ sudden collapse.

The solutions to the Raptors problems seem obvious.  The team can either:

1) Work with what they have.

2) Fire the coach; or,

3) Make a trade or trades.

Most everyone expected the Raptors to get off to a slow start and a 7-13 record by itself would not be a reason to consider changes.  But, it’s how the 7-13 record was reached that causes concern.

The Raptors have lost games they should have won.

Teams t ...

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