FIBA and the NBA: Is the NBA That We Know Now About To Change?

September 30th, 2010 by Michael Larry Chellochechefski Leave a reply »
Most basketball fans know that one of the biggest difficulties for Team USA when playing in international competitions is getting used to playing with FIBA rules. Players, when practicing for FIBA games, have forgotten timeout rules, or various violations; one of the most interesting rule differences is the fact that goaltending is allowed in FIBA, while not in the NBA.

Players who have grown up playing basketball knowing that goaltending is illegal suddenly had to reprogram themselves in a matter of weeks to think otherwise. Obviously, this lifelong habit is hard to change, and no doubt is difficult sometimes for players to play in FIBA. But what about intentional goaltending—but in the NBA?

Patrick Baumann, the secretary general of FIBA, commented that he would like to see the NBA adapt FIBA's rules of goaltending—in other words, allow players to knock the ball off the rim. At that time, Baumann's comments seemed ridiculous; why would the NBA make such a change?

But then came September 29, 2010. Executive vice president for basketball operations Stu Jackson announced that the D-League would begin using international rules for goaltending an ...

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