ESPN Back At It Again: Promoting LeBrick James

December 23rd, 2010 by Eriq La Salle Leave a reply »
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So there I am, looking at my phone on, when I come across an article about LeBrick vs. Kobe regarding who's more clutch.  Naturally, I assume that it will define Kobe as being superior in this category (even ESPN, the LeBrick James Network, can't deny this fact). 

It is written by another dorky, white, unathletic goof ball named Tom Haberstroh (this follows their long line of writers of a similar ilk...John Hollinger, David Thorpe, Brian Windhorst...).  Now, this guy starts using all kinds of crap stats to prove that LeBrick, not Kobe, is more clutch.  Huh?  Come again?

On the eve of the big Christmas Day game, ESPN has to show its obvious bias toward LeBrick.  So it brings in some sports "math-whiz" and has him conjure up stats to show that LeBrick is superior in every conceivable way to Kobe. 

Where does ESPN find these losers?  I mean, I want to know what Scottie Pippen thinks...or Michael Jordan...or that kid on the streets who can hit 10 threes in a row.  Give me someone who's played the game to write an article.  What ...

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