Eight NBA Players Kobe Bryant Can NEVER Surpass

June 26th, 2010 by Isaiah Montoya Leave a reply »
After a crappy game 7, and a Finals career shooting % of 40% and regular season 45% Kobe Bryant proved he will never be better than these eight players, no matter how many titles the Lakers win. Each of these players played the game at a level of consistency and defensive prowess that Kobe cannot emulate or experience. These guys all won titles and played better than Kobe in relation to their respective teams. They would all make Kobe look as dumb and bad as the Celtics did in 2010. The only thing is, the Celtics in 2010 sucked too. I cannot stand that these two teams were playing in the Finals - and I no longer like the fact that I even follow the NBA anymore - I quit watching the game in 1994 and then quit again from 1999 to 2001. In 2004 I hated the NBA but the Pistons and Spurs were great teams. I should have never started watching this game again and listening to people like L.A. and Kobe fans - Man, the NBA truly sucks now. A player who has never shot over 46.9% from the field in his career can in no way be considered one of the top eight players of all-time - no way in the world!!!Begin Slideshow


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