Dwight Howard: ‘I’m Just Throwin’ Bows, Hand Plantin’ Faces’

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Let's get it out of the way up front: I'm a Celtics fan, so bias may play a part in my perceptions. However, I feel as though I can honestly say that regardless of who was playing the Magic; if they were getting exposed to risks the way the Celtics are I would cry "dirty" and "foul". 

Dwight's a subtle little hooker though, I'll give him that. Case in point the elbow to Glen Davis, as well as the countless pushoffs on Celtics player's faces. He makes it look as though it's all part of his natural motion when landing a jump, but it's quite the coincidence that he's consistently making contact with the opposition's head. I didn't watch a lot of Orlando's first two series, but I've seen him do similar things in the regular season both to the Celtics as well as other teams.

I understand the bigger and stronger the player the harder it is to officiate them.  However, I've never seen Kendrick Perkins continually make contact above the shoulders of other players and yet he gets some of the most bogus calls in the league.  Does he have a reputation for the occasional foolish foul? Yes, but so does "SuperBow" and yet he's skating by on superstar statu ...

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