Does Rajon Rondo’s Selfish Unselfishness Hurt the Boston Celtics?

January 11th, 2011 by Jason Namey Leave a reply »
If you’ve watched any amount of Celtics games, you have undoubtedly noticed this oddity: Rondo will drive the lane, have what appears to be an easy lay in, only to dish the ball at the last second. 

It feels strangely out of place in a league full of players gunning for points, for a player to go out of his way to NOT score—he tries to score less often than a gay guy at Hooters. 

The old-school logic is that with an assist, everybody wins to rack up assists is the ultimate mark of unselfishness. However, when Rondo passes in some of these situations he sets up awkward shots that, if not for the future hall of famers taking them, would probably not go in. 

Avoiding a guaranteed two points to let a teammate shoot a three isn’t always smart, unless the guy shooting that three is Ray Allen. The same goes for short jumpers by Garnett and Pierce, as well as shots at the rim by Shaq. He lacks Derrick Rose’s midrange jumper and Westbrook’s ability to rocket through the lane for an uncontestable dunk; by the way the US FIBA team shunned Rondo this summer in favor of those two guys. 

For the most part, when ...

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