Dirk Nowitzki is the Best Power Forward in the NBA, No Doubt About It

May 3rd, 2010 by Alex McVeigh Leave a reply »
Ever since Kevin Garnett won the 2008 NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics , Dirk Nowitzki has been the best power forward in the NBA. 

I know, people love to talk about how Dirk has no "heart," that he's not a "leader," and how he's "soft." That's just stupid. That's what stupid people say who aren't fans of Dirk's game, but they know the facts don't back them up. 

So they turn to the only arrow in their quiver: the fact that Dirk doesn't have a championship ring. 

Dirk's bare finger leads them back to the Mavericks in the playoffs, they hearken back to the 2006 NBA Finals, or the 2007 series against the Golden State Warriors , and they say Dirk is a has-been. 

But Dirk wasn't the best power forward in the game then. Sure, he was named MVP, and depending on your definition of "most valuable player," he may or may not have been deserving of the honor. 

But from 2003-2007, Tim Duncan was the best power forward in the league. After going to the Celtics, we saw how valuable Kevin Garnett was, we saw how much he could thrive on a good team, and we watched as he turned in a championship season by playing ...

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