Did LeBron Sandbag Boston Celtics Series Intentionally? A Grand Conspiracy

May 15th, 2010 by Pat Mixon Leave a reply »
There’s a undercurrent brewing in the corridors of the NBA that is still a whisper. Time will tell if it moves from tabloid speculation to front page sports headlines. 

Whether entirely real or even a sliver of truth exists, the sad fact is that LeBron James and his performance and corresponding statements during the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics series opened up a can of worms that will mirror his free agency saga this summer.  

This could be the start of “James Gate,” another out of control firestorm that began from a single spark and goes on to engulf not only sport but all media.

At the heart of the matter is this real question: Was a grand conspiracy at play during the Cavs' series with the Celtics?

Or, to phrase it another way: Did LeBron intentionally manipulate the Celtic series for his own personal agenda?

To even consider such bold statements, we have to treat this like a legal case. We have to address motive, opportunity, and outcome.

First, let’s be clear: LeBron has motive—serious motive. It may not be readily apparent but when you add up the pieces, ...

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