Derrick Rose and the NBA’s 5 Most Overrated Players

December 28th, 2010 by Patrick Harrel Leave a reply »
One of the most contentious issues among NBA fans often centers around the topic of who are the most overrated players in the league.

Many name LeBron James because he has never won a championship despite all the hype, others point to Kobe Bryant because he has never won without a dominant big man by his side, and then some offer Monta Ellis because he averages huge numbers on a horrible team.

The fact is there is no single reason why a player will be overrated. Whether it is playing alongside a great player, getting a huge contract or playing well once in a crucial moment, often fans get an image of a player that is difficult to shake despite that player's obvious shortcomings.

Overrated players come in all shapes and sizes. Some are All-Stars being labeled MVPs, some are solid starters called All-Stars and some are simply horrible players who some believe to be capable rotation players.

Whatever they are, here are a few NBA players who are more hype than game at this point.   

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