Dear Bleacher Report Writers: Please Stop Bashing Paul Pierce

June 10th, 2010 by Ryan Frye Leave a reply »
I read Bleacher Report everyday and it's one of my favorite websites. So I can't help but notice that in the past few weeks, there have been numerous articles bashing Paul Pierce. When I try and defend him, I get bashed myself. Now before I start, I am a big Celtic fan, so say what you want from that standpoint.

I understand how Pierce may seem unlikable to many Lakers fans.

He does tend to put his mouth where it doesn't belong, I'll give you that, but he certainly isn't the only one with a big mouth. Heck, Phil Jackson has been talking throughout the entire NBA Playoffs. Yet does anybody care? Nope. Additionally, Kobe and Ron Artest have been in trouble in the past, yet that's all forgotten.

The other side of this is that Paul Pierce is "fake."

Now does he like attention? Sure he does. Does he flop? I haven't noticed, but maybe he does.

Who remembers when Ron Artest was hardly pushed, and went from the free throw line to the stands. Don't worry, I'm not rehashing Malice at The Palace, that's a different story, and would be a low blow of sorts.

What other "divas" do the sports world have? To start, Kobe was i ...

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