David Lee, The NBA’s Most Underrated Player

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The NBA has always had its stars. It's always had players that astonish the crowds with spectacular play. The faces of the league. The ones that grab shoe deals, the ones that do ads for today's hottest retail items. The ones on the covers of magazines and video games. The household names that everyone knows.

The NBA has other stars that don't quite get the respect or exposure that they deserve. The guys who don't showboat. The guys who, day in and day out, give everything they have. The guys who play the game the way it should be.

One of these unsung players is Knicks center, David Lee. On a franchise struggling to find its way out of the dark tunnel Isiah Thomas led them into, Lee has thrived and been a consistent spark for the Knicks. He is a reliable source for double-doubles and a rebounding machine.

The Knicks have rotated a number of players demanding high dollars for low production. Marbury, Curry, Randolph and Richardson are some of the names associated with that reputation. A fool and his money...

Then there are the guys who have egos that demand that they try to play above their abilities. Making bad shots, crying over eve ...

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