Culture of Jerk: Big Baby Trying To Injure Shaq Shouldn’t Shock Us

February 28th, 2010 by Jimmy Weinland Leave a reply »


I hope Boston Celtics fans aren’t proud of the product they see on the floor every night. In fact, I hope deep down they are ashamed.

I say this as a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, of course, so let me get it out there right away. I understand that fans of other teams might hate mine.

LeBron can come off as annoying, Anderson Varejo must drive people crazy and I know Shaquille O’Neal has rubbed tons of players the wrong way. Carrying a bias for my guys and disliking others is part of fandom.

But the time has come to recognize that the Boston Celtics have been living beyond this line for years. 

Any NBA fan who saw the Glen “Big Baby” Davis try to twist Shaq’s injured thumb during the Celtics Cavs game on TNT last Thursday should despise the Celtics and the Culture of Jerk they embody.

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