Cult of Personality: Perceptions in the NBA (Pt 1)

December 17th, 2009 by Jack Foust Leave a reply »
I sell the things you need to be

I’m the smiling face on your TV

I’m the cult of personality

I exploit you; still you love me 

—Living Colour

Perception is reality in today’s NBA. A boy is crowned the once and future king—despite having never won a championship. 

Another is lauded as the ultimate player and the greatest of the game, while team members scoff, laugh, and silently judge.

Others are viewed as affable, gentle, giants—even as they burn bridges, smiling all the way to the forgiving arms of a new market and new fans to disappoint.

And some are elevated beyond the greatness of the game: They have the dubious distinction of being a part of social and racial symbolism that they never even wanted.

Of course, I’m referring some of the greats of the game of an era, and, in the scheme of basketball, they are.

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