Clippers Continue To Slip and Slide as They Struggle Through Mediocrity

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"Mediocre" is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "moderate to inferior in quality; of no exceptional quality or ability; poor to middling in quality."

The NBA definition this year is much shorter and concise: "Los Angeles Clippers."

When you are really good or really bad, the spotlight shines.

When you are mediocre, you don't warrant enough interest for even so much as a flicker.

When you are really good or really bad, publicity follows

When you are mediocre, you fly under the radar.

Mediocrity is an acceptable short-term stopping point. All of the NBA's bests have spent time there. 

The Celtics, Lakers, and Bulls all rented space at 555 Middle of the Road Lane. Those franchises (with the exception of the Bulls) have found a way out. The Clippers, it seemed, had signed a long-term lease.

For every up there is a down for the dribblers from downtown.

Since the shot clock was introduced, do you know which NBA team held an opponent to only 16 points in the second half of a game? That mark represented an NBA record for the lowest point total in a half. Who was this defensive juggernaut?

Clipper ...

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