Cleveland Owes LeBron James an Apology

July 10th, 2010 by Dennis Justice Leave a reply »

After a couple of days of seeing his jersey burned on national television, and after reading Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s childish rant in Comic Sans font on his website, I would guarantee one thought entered LeBron James’ head:  “I wish I had done this three years ago.”

Cleveland, your actions dictate why you will never get a major superstar to willingly join a professional team in your city again. 

If you would do this to your own guy, imagine what you’d do to Carmelo Anthony if he signed next year and left years later. 

Listening to Colin Cowherd’s show on ESPN Radio today, he pointed out agents contacted him saying no way are they steering their top guys to Cleveland. 

If this is how you treat someone who brought your franchise from basically nothing to the NBA Finals, then you don’t deserve a NBA franchise.  I'm sure Kansas City will love to have your team, provided, of course, they get the team without the current owner.

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