Chris Paul Situation Is Prime Example of NBA Going Down Wrong Track

July 26th, 2010 by Nick Mordowanec Leave a reply »

“The Decision” was an embarrassing spectacle. Whispers of collusion echoed through even the deafest of ears. Yet, it looks like we have just seen the beginning.

The NBA is treading down a treacherous path: having all of its star ballers on a handful of teams. The Miami Heat is the perfect example of a scenario in which the term “teamwork” is taking on an entirely new meaning.

Recent rumors concerning the New Orleans Hornets’ star point guard Chris Paul have created a feeling of a mockery in the making. As his friends in Miami have assembled their own version of the Dream Team, Paul now sees himself as the player who got left out of all the fun.

Paul is tired of mediocrity in the “Big Easy.” The Hornets had one pretty good season since he’s been there, while the others have been mired in injuries and few victories. He wants to win now.

This is where the problem lies in the NBA. I’m more tired of blaming parity on the league’s woes than most, but there is ...

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