Chris Paul Is No Better Than LeBron James

July 22nd, 2010 by General Patton Leave a reply »
I'll keep this to the point: Chris Paul has an "aggressive" exit strategy to get out of New Orleans--those are the reports. 

If Chris Paul wants to get out of NOLA and he can't--and they can't trade him--then he has created a lame-duck season in Louisiana just because he wants to be lazy like LeBron and Wade and play with another superstar.

When the Hawks passed on CP3 everyone laughed at them.

Maybe it's time to take back our mocking of Atlanta now that we see that CP3 probably doesn't have the competitive fire in him either.

I really wanted to see Paul grow as a star and a premier point guard. The next point guard to carry a team--since Magic--to a title.

Chris Paul obviously is not about competition. He was a good player but didn't really do anything for Wake Forest and he hasn't done anything of late for New Orleans.  I should have seen this trend coming, but there are alot of lazy players in the NBA.

It's also a shame that most of laziest players are the best players.  You lost all of my respect today Chris Paul.  Yes, I said it, you're lazy.

Can you refer me to a player who ...

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