Chicago Bulls: Seven Sensible Trade Scenarios For a New Shooting Guard

December 10th, 2010 by Kelly Scaletta Leave a reply »
There aren't many people in sports who are more identified with a position and a team than Michael Jordan was for the Bulls. He made playing shooting guard for the Bulls right up there with playing center-field for the Yankees, or quarterback for the Cowboys. However, I don't think Tony Romo is the solution to this one. 

Presently the Bulls roster is pretty set, and it looks ready to contend for years to come. With Derrick Rose leading the way, Carlos Boozer as the big free agent acquisition, Luol Deng starting to live up to his contract, and Joakim Noah starting to play like an All-Star after the Bulls signed him to an extension, four of the five positions are between solid and stellar. 

However, the shooting guard position is drawing the controversy. The most storied position in Bulls history is the weakest right now, and Chi-Town ain't none to happy about it. The masses are gathering and rattling cages and the demand is, "Get us a shooting guard." 

The problem is that what usually follows are a series of ludicrous trade suggestions that violate sensibility. Certain rules are in play. When I say sensible scenarios, I mean ...

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