Chasing the Perfect Storm: Blue Devil, Piston, and Celtic Style

December 18th, 2009 by Alexis Orgera Leave a reply »
A Retrospective

I've never watched basketball for the stats. I don't watch to see my hometown team make good. I watch—maybe we all watch—because if I watch long enough, carefully enough, eventually a storm will rumble and crash into my living room. Eventually, I'll be in the presence of The Perfect Storm.

The Storm is pieces that add up to something greater than their sum. The Storm turns real time into slow motion. It thunders seasons to a close in high school gyms where every last spectator holds in a gasp.

The Perfect Storm is part transcendent freshman, part veteran with X-ray vision.

It's in the perfect arc of a long inbounds pass. It's a behind-the-back pass as the point guard looks into the stands—and beyond, as if to the horizon where a monsoon waits. It's the defensive shut-down when each defender finds his place on the court and battens down the hatches for a long and wild ride.

Sometimes it's the guy who can't control his temper. Sometimes he's the tornado. The wind tunnel knowledge that you'll die trying to win.

But most of all, I watch basketball because the Perfect Storm emerges out of unpre ...

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