Casting Call: What Roles Will Each of the Miami Heat’s South Beach Boys Play?

September 24th, 2010 by John Evans Leave a reply »
The Miami Heat have gone from non-existent to the epicenter and hot topic of the basketball world almost overnight, literally.

When looking at the Heat just a year ago, it was hard to really envision them going anywhere. They were a great defensive team that lacked offensive firepower. If Dwyane Wade (and Micheal Beasley to some extent) weren't on, then the Heat would pretty much have no chance of winning.

Now everything has changed. The Heat have went from a middle of the pack team with limited offense to a highly ranked team (by fans and media) that has more firepower than the powder keg of Europe.

With the signings of LeBron James and Chris Bosh, the Heat have received a shot in the arm that has possibly catapulted them to contention, but like teams before them, the Heat must gel to form a cohesive unit and sacrifice before they are bestowed or crowned a champion.

Players need to know their roles and try not to breach them too much. Everyone must be assigned a job and stick to it. Wade, James, and Bosh will all have to play a role (for Chris Bosh a lesser one) in their quest for an NBA Championship. Here are the roles that ...

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