Carmelo Anthony vs Kevin Martin and Danny Granger: Judging Their Worth

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2010/2011 Stats

Carmelo Anthony
.522 TS%, 31.8% Usage, 15.8% Assist Rate,  Assisted on 45% FG, TOV Rate 11.4%

Kevin Martin
.620 TS%, 29.5% Usage, 13.2% Assist Rate, Assisted on 60% FG, TOV Rate 10.5%

Danny Granger
.539 TS%, 27.0% Usage, 13.9% Assist Rate, Assisted on 55% FG, TOV Rate 12.0%

What makes Carmelo more valuable than Kevin Martin and Danny Granger, all within an inch in height and year of age?


Carmelo Gets to the Rim More than DG or KM and Has More Misses Than Them

Thirty-seven percent of Carmelo's FG attempts are inside, meaning not jump shots. This is far greater than Martin’s 20% or Granger's 22%. So maybe he sets his teammates up for offensive rebounds more.

I calculated that, during the course of a game, Melo’s misses lead to 2.92 offensive rebounds compared to 2.24 and 2.69 for Martin and Granger. I used the league average for offensive rebounding here. Anthony’s inside game might lead to more offensive rebounds and ones closer to the rim with a higher TS%, however. Unfortunately, I do not have data to calculate this.

The Nuggets O ...

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