Carmelo Anthony: Nets and Nuggets Fans Hoping Melo Falls Their Way

September 25th, 2010 by Rachel Marcus Leave a reply »
When you are on the side of the team about to get the superstar, you feel great. When you're on the other side, not so much.

So, Nuggets fans, I feel for you.

Denver is in major trade talks to trade away Carmelo Anthony. The proposed deal has Anthony going to the New Jersey Nets.

Now, of course this deal is not done. It may not happen. Still, all these trade talks can't make a Nuggets fan feel good. Sure, Derrick Favors and Andrei Kirilenko aren't that bad, but they're no Carmelo.

As a Nets fan, I'm praying this deal goes through. But I know what Nuggets fans are going through. I went through it recently with the trade of Jason Kidd and the departures of Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson.

You never want to see your team blow up. 

It is frustrating when you can feel your superstar slipping away. Everyone else is excited except you. I think that more Nuggets fans are unhappy about the proposed deal than happy. 

What happens is teams get sick of their superstars and want to start fresh. I've never really understood that concept, plus it always seems to fail. When was the last time a built-fr ...

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