Bull Market: Why Chicago Will Contend in the NBA East for Years To Come

July 12th, 2010 by Josh Martin Leave a reply »
As the dust has slowly but surely begun to settle in the aftermath of "The Decision" in all places except Cleveland, it seems as though the sports world is finally moving on.

And if it isn't, well, at least the Chicago Bulls are.

Like millions of other Americans, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf watched with interest—considerably more than the Average Joe, since he and his front office people made a sales pitch to "The King" during his chaotic courtship—as LeBron announced on national television that he was ditching dreary and desperate Cleveland for the sunshine and spice of South Beach...and to play basketball for the Miami Heat.

Before the announcement, Reinsdorf, speaking about the speculation regarding where LeBron may or may not end up, said confidently, "I think we'll be better if he comes to us, but I think we'll be a great team without him."

After the announcement, knowing officially that James would not be running with his Bulls anytime soon, Reinsdorf reiterated the same quiet confidence in his organization and their future as he had before, saying, "I respect his decision.  As I said before, I believe we will ...

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