BTA’s Early NBA Draft Forecast

November 30th, 2009 by Beyond the Arc Basketball Leave a reply »
We're nearly a fifth of the way through the season and have a pretty good idea of who the best teams in the league (although not that good of an idea, as no team really wants to hold of the season). We also have a fairly good idea who the truly pathetic teams in the league are. Everyone usually wants to talk about the potential playoff contenders and/or championship contenders, and understandably so, because those are the relevant teams in terms of discussion and the ones that ultimately matter. People rarely want to talk about the dregs of the league (expect for the Nets, when a team reaches historic levels of ineptitude, they become the biggest story of the year, look at the 2008 Detroit Lions for further evidence). When your team sucks on a normal trajectory though, no one notices, which means it's never too early to talk about the draft.

I'm never quite sure how much other NBA fans pay attention to college basketball. There seems to be a strange divide between the two fan bases and they rarely meet in the middle. Now NBA fans do have a leg up when it comes to general knowledge because while they might not know the actual players, it's pretty easy to guess who the top t ...

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