Bryant=Jordan and Jennings=Iverson: Who Is Your “Next”?

December 10th, 2009 by Jose Salviati Leave a reply »
I created a bit of a stir in the B/R community recently by having the audacity to suggest Kobe Bryant was not only the next Michael Jordan, but that he has surpassed him.  At least through age 30.  That great debate rages on!

The subject of looking for, in some cases longing for, the next version of something we love is as human a characteristic as is breathing air.  How else can you explain BioArts?

BioArts is a company that clones dogs.  Although out of the business now in part due to the high cost of the procedure that shrunk their available target market they did successfully clone several of man's best friends.

"Mom, Rusty isn't moving!"

"Oh, he is fine sweety, just sleeping"

To husband, "Quick, call BioArts and order another Rusty!"

Understandably, we hate to say goodbye to any good thing in our life.  Short of a cloning rebirth, when the end does come we long for a replacement.

In sports, we begin to place the dreaded "next" tag on players even before the original has left.  Brandon Jennings has already been dubbed Allen Iverson 2.0 even while the original A.I. continues to find employment wearing an NB ...

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