Boston Celtics ‘Big Three:’ The History and Impact Over the Years

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Formed in 1946, the NBA has grown from having just 11 teams initially to the current roster of 30 teams vying for the title. During it's brief history - brief compared to sports like Soccer - the league has witnessed a number of teams reach great heights and never being able to achieve them again after even a brief downfall. But one team has been able to re-capture its glory repeatedly despite all its setbacks - The Boston Celtics.

The Initial Years

Celtics, which was one of the founding teams of the NBA, struggled during the initial years. Everything changed for the Celtics when Red Auerbach - arguably the the greatest Celtics manager ever - brought Cousy, Russell and Heinsohn to the Boston Garden. Winning 11 titles in 13 years and starting the most gruesome Celtics-Lakers rivalry certainly does give them the right to be called the unofficial first Celtics' 'Big Three'.

Emergence of the 'Big Three'

Then began a period of rebuilding for the Celtics, when they won two titles along the way.

Then in 1980, Auerbach with the signings of Bird, Parish and McHale  got together the playe ...

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