Blake Griffin’s Top 10 Dunks: What It Means For World Peace

November 26th, 2010 by Stan Silliman Leave a reply »

Sports Center thought enough of Blake’s Godzilla dunks to run a medley of his Top 10 dunks. Guess what, the season is only 25% complete.

What are they going to do at season’s end, run a special 30-on-30? 30 special posters on 30 shrieking defenders?

Did you see the dunks Blake slammed against the Knicks? You know what motivated him, besides the chance to out Amar’e Amar’e? Someone told him the Knicks were from the town where King Kong climbed their buildings.

I’ve been watching Blake Griffin since he was in high school. I remember him bumping head on the rim while blocking a shot in a high school game in Oklahoma City and thinking “Yeah, yeah, this guy can jump.”

I never imagined he’d make it look that easy against pros.

Blake broke out the repitiore in the top ten buffet.

Here for you to enjoy, find.

The Two-Handed Have Mercy on the Basket Slam

The One-Handed Alley-Oop Grab, Stuff and Stare At Your Opponent Delight

The Grab a Russian by his Neck Let Him Smell Your Jock Thrown Down from 5′ Away Special

The Open Court Spin Around Rise Up and Embarrass a Russian Throw Down


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