Atlanta Hawks Postmortem: A Failure To Launch

May 11th, 2010 by Frances White Leave a reply »
It is now time for the Atlanta Hawks to praise Mike Woodson for what he did with this moribund band they call a team. Woodson knew he had to formulate his game plan around a bunch of athletes who after essentially five years together do not know how to function as a team.  

Mike Bibby's days of running an offense is over.  He was supposed to be the wise sage who could help direct traffic, instead he slipped into the same comatose state as the rest of the Atlanta Hawks.

Time and time again Atlanta would go into a spread offense and take turns going one and one.  This strategy may work during the regular season but when you face the same team for possibly up to seven times, you must make an adjustment by setting picks and increasing ball movement.

It is easy to blame Mike Woodson and it is hard to praise the team. Joe Johnson is not a top tier player, he is a nice complimentary piece.  The Hawks seem to get up only for one team and that is the Boston Celtics.   When they do that it seems like they are invincible, stack them up against other teams they fall flat.

How else do you ...

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