Arenas’ Antics Left Absolute Zero Room For Leniency

January 9th, 2010 by Harrison Moore Leave a reply »

Blackballing in the NBA is no longer an unproven spook story, it’s a stark reality. Players of Arenas’ mold (high scorers with good-but-not-great overall talent who play on teams with zero potential post-season relevancy) have proven to be especially vulnerable.

This article won’t detail the rights and wrongs of bringing in firearms into an NBA locker room; that action is quite capable of speaking for itself. Instead, I’ll ask this: if you found yourself in the middle of the ocean in shark territory, would you draw attention to yourself?

Arenas did.

For once, David Stern chose to show a little leniency. He was content to allow the legal process to play itself out before deciding on whether or not to take action, but that was before Arenas forced the issue with his flippant Tweeter posts and nonchalant disposition.

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