Are the Los Angeles Lakers the Real Deal?

May 5th, 2010 by Kyle Slavin Leave a reply »

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Folks, I have been issued a challenge.  A colleague of mine – for the moment, let’s call him Nole Cowlin – is an Orlando Magic backer.  He recently reached out to me with this statement:
"I know you’re a Lakers fan, but how can you possibly say they are a better team than the Magic are right now after that beating they laid on the Hawks?  I want to see you make a case the Lakers still a legitimate shot to win the championship." -NOLE COWLIN
Well, I accept your challenge, Mr. Cowlin.  And I appreciate you coming to me with this.  I believe this is sentiment of yours is shared with many NBA fans across the country, and you presented it without exclamation points or your caps-lock on.  So I commend you.
Let’s start with some groundwork on the Orlando Magic.  Now, they are indeed a fantastic basketball team, and are playing their best ball of the season.  As I detailed in an earlier column, they play an offensive chess match, calculative in their spacing and passing, and they have the ...

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