Are the Cavs Really the Team To Beat in the East?

February 23rd, 2010 by Jim Folsom Leave a reply »
Listening to the talking heads on ESPN and TNT, you'd think Cleveland is a lock to go to the NBA Finals. To borrow a quote from another ESPN talking head from a different sport, "NOT so fast my friends".

At the trade deadline last week the Cavs added Antawn Jamison, while the other team in this fight—Boston—added Marquis Daniels and slam dunk champion Nate Robinson. Does this signal that these teams are really serious about going for it this year? Perhaps.

But let's take a look at the third contender shall we? The Orlando Magic, last year's finalists, stood pat. What does this mean? Are they giving up? Hardly. I believe it means they already like what they have.

The Magic didn't throw away two cards and take two others, they are keeping the hand they have been dealt.

How is it working so far?  The Cavaliers were riding a 13 game win streak into the All-Star break. Lebron James made the statement that "The break coudln't have come at a worse time for us. We want to keep playing." How prophetic.

With its new toy, Jamison, the Cavs have started 0-3. The third loss was to—you guessed it—Orlando. Big deal. It's just a ...

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