Another Horrendous Sports Idea: NBA To Give Fans Power in the MVP Vote

March 31st, 2010 by Steven Resnick Leave a reply »
Kudos for the NBA, specifically David Stern, for coming up with another horrendous idea. It's almost as bad as MLB having the winner of the all-star game get home field advantage in the World Series. Actually, you could probably argue that both of the ideas are bad. 

Although, bad ideas seem to be what Stern is good at. Some examples of these bad ideas were the introduction of zone defenses, defensive three seconds, changing the distance for the three point line, and rules designed to prevent more physical style of play. 

Now, you would think that the NBA would have learned from the fiasco with the all-star voting that giving the fans the power to vote is just one major headache. At one point during the season, both Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady were among the league leaders in all-star voting, and I believe Yao Ming was too but he took his name off the list. 

What happens when there's a fan that thinks they're so smart or funny, whichever way you look at it, and votes for someone who isn't even on the radar for MVP and then that same fan recruits others to vote for that player? 

Another question that comes to mi ...

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