Allen Iverson: It Wasn’t Supposed To End Like This

November 8th, 2009 by Dwyane Montell Leave a reply »
I YouTubed one of Allen Iverson's 50-point games last night. It was 2004 against the Hawks. I damn near shed a tear.

That swagger, the crowd chanting his name, the look on his face saying, "this is nothing." The electricity in the building, the fear in the players guarding him. The quickness, the attitude, the jumper, the crossover. It was amazing, and I remember the days I saw those games on TV.

I thought to myself, "this guy deserves a ring more than any player out there and I am sure he will get one by the time he is 38 and ready to retire." Little did I know he would not even play until the age of 35. It all happened too fast. 

It was not supposed to end like this. But the media and the NBA made it end like this. His whole career, Allen Iverson made the sports world and the NBA adjust to him. He started the tattoos, the cornrows, the baggy shorts, the sleeves. He made the NBA hip-hop. He did what he wanted whether the NBA liked it or not.

If Iverson was doing all this and was a normal player—like say Michael Conley or even Rodney Stuckey—chances are the league would have found a way to kick him out. They don't like what AI di ...

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