A Feud Reveals: Given Isiah Thomas’ History, Believing Magic Johnson Is Sensible

November 6th, 2009 by Jonathan Mathis Leave a reply »

Shame on our country that was bred and taught to unite as one. If citizens truly believe in befriending other individuals, America would be a kinder place, and we’ll impetuously utter united we stand, united we fall. But we’ve reached a point, when emotionally others betrays someone, sadly, implying cowardice under the circumstance that they were never really a true friend.

Needless to say, it’s similar to Magic Johnson’s and Isiah Thomas’ impair friendship that unraveled and unfeasibly is irreparable, viewed as a bitter altercation. Worse, it developed a scene publicly, shocking us to learn it was never a close bond after all.

Even more veiling, is the fact a long-term connection ended badly in a war of words, which never recovered creating execrable and dumbfounded an entire universe, leaving us speechless and surprised. Truthfully, none of the madness and childish games should be as surprising as the public exaggerate on an issue defined as ignorance.

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